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About StudentStar

Platform For College Students

College life can be very complicated . Friends, exams, profs, placements, love, treats, hostel, culturals... the list is endless . We want to discuss all of this & more.

We Love Gyan & Fun

College years are that time of your life where all you want to do is to have fun . The monotony of school leads us to think that we deserve this fun. But college time is also a time when we need to pause , take stock and act . Thats why we at StudentStar love gyan which is mixed with a lot of fun.


Every Student Is A Star

We believe that a star student is not one who scores the most marks, or looks the best, or wins a competition. We think there is a star within every student. We believe that every student is a star and we want to connect with every single one of them in this galaxy.